Secret Voyeur Paparazzi Shots of Jenna Poolside

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Ten photos taken by paparazzi of Jenna – on two seperate occasions.

The photos of Jenna in the black bikini were taken in Miami Florida by a sneaky pap hiding amongst the bushes, on 14th August 2011. She looks stunning in a gold lined black bikini two piece, topped off with a very 70′s golden headband, dawning classic aviator sunglases.

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8 Selfies of Jenna Jameson in a Bikini

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busty clover swimsuit

Here we have some delightful selfies which Jenna herself has taken over the years and posted on her Instagram or Twitter. Jenna Jameson sure does look hot in a stringpiece bikini, particulalry the busty white bikini which she is literally falling out of :P

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